26-27 June 2019 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Battery Systems in Car Body Engineering 2019

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26-27 June 2019 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Battery Systems in Car Body Engineering 2019


Innovative solutions for the integration of batteries and battery systems into the car body

The foot has been taken off the break - after a hesitant start, the change of direction in the automotive industry towards e-mobility is finally in full swing. Many current projects are still under lock and key, but a few models have already been launched,and many solutions exist for the battery systems of today and tomorrow.

All OEMs are working on developing their own electrification strategy. Some of these strategies differ significantly from one another, they range from integrating electric vehicles into existing platform structures to creating EVs with completely new vehicle architectures. As different as the approaches may be, there is one questions that all OEMs must answer:

Taking into account safety, weight, function, cost and production efficiency etc., how can the battery best be integrated into the respective car body structure?

Which innovative approaches are there with regard to battery technology, heat management, joining techniques, and how do they affect the integration of the battery into the car body? What new concepts for battery housings exist and which possibilities do they offer in terms of safety, crash, fire protection, lightweight design, cost efficiency etc.?

We are looking forward to discussing these and many more questions with you at the Battery Systems in Car Body Engineering conference, which is held in Bad Nauheim/Germany, on 26-27 June 2019.

Key topics

  • Current solutions for car body and battery design and construction, e.g. in terms of weight, crash load paths, heat management, etc.
  • Current solutions for battery module or cell assembly
  • Innovative approaches for the use of new and proven joining technology
  • Efficient thermal management solutions and their impact on battery design and integration into the bodywork
  • Solutions for new requirements concerning production and manufacturing technology

Focus Workshop: challenges in battery systems engineering

At the workshop, specific topics of the conference will be dicussed in small groups and the results will be presented afterwards. Exchange ideas with other experts at eye level and get solutions for your daily challenges!

  • What are the main cost drivers with regard to EV batteries and their integration into the car body, and how can they be addressed?
  • Regarding battery module integration, will we still need battery housings in the future?
  • Thermal management: will we see more direct or indirect module cooling in the future? Which other trends are noticeable?

Moderated by the OEM Advisory Board

The conference addresses

Car body engineers, managers and employees of OEMs, suppliers and institutes working in the field of battery systems.


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Programme Coordination

Dr. Sibylle Freitag

Dr. Sibylle Freitag

Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-316


Conference Organisation

Mareike Bäumlein

Mareike Bäumlein

Senior Event Manager
Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-383


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