07-08 November 2017 Alfa Romeo Plant, Cassino, Italy

Insight @ Alfa Romeo 2017

Intelligent body and manufacturing engineering solutions: Combining innovative material mix, efficient lightweight design and production flexibility

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07-08 November 2017 Alfa Romeo Plant, Cassino, Italy

Car Body Engineering

Insight @ Alfa Romeo 2017

Intelligent body and manufacturing engineering solutions: Combining innovative material mix, efficient lightweight design and production flexibility

plus Guided Tour through the Alfa Romeo Production Plant

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The new Alfa Romeo Giulia! An example of engineering work on the highest possible level. The engineers of the Giulia succeeded in combining intelligent body and manufacturing engineering solutions with an innovative material concept that not only reduced weight, but also greatly facilitated production flexibility. It is an extremely aerodynamic, very stiff and reactive lightweight car body and it features a remarkable material mix: a steel intensive car body, lightweight aluminium-based hang-on parts and advanced thermoplastics and carbon fibre parts.

This conference offers the chance to meet with the experts from Alfa Romeo and further OEM, to join the discussion of intelligent body and manufacturing engineering solutions. As a highlight, the guided tour provides a close look into the recently modernised Alfa Romeo plant and its leading-edge manufacturing technologies.

Focus Topics:

  • Flexible architecture strategies, including BEV
  • Composites strategies (CFRP and TP) for high volume production: New solutions and lessons learned
  • Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory / Digitalization approaches
  • Multi-material concepts and joining strategies: Outlook for the future
  • Manufacturing integration of product and process development / advanced solutions for new launch management
  • Closures assembly integration in the body shop

The right material at the right place to combine lightweight and top safety performance with the right mass balance, assuring high level handling performance without any compromise - that was the basic design concept of the completely new generation of Alfa Romeo products, Giulia and Stelvio, but not the only one. World class manufacturing and product/process flexibility were also key factors for a new premium product family. We are happy to welcome you in the Cassino facility where it was possible to make all this happen.

Looking ahead, new challenges and targets are arising concerning future regulations and the transformation of the automotive sector based on digitalisation, with strong implications on both product development and manufacturing.

For further discussions, we look forward to meeting you in Cassino soon!

FCA Programme Committee
Luigi Galante, FCA
Antonio Fuganti, FCA
Luigi Galante
FCA -Head of Manufacturing Premium Brands
Roberto Fedeli
FCA-Chief Technical Officer of Maserati and Alfa Romeo
Antonio Fuganti
FCA Product Development – Vehicle Research & Innovation

The conference is aimed at

Automotive engineers in development, pre-development, planning, design and production as well as materials suppliers and other interested parties.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Winner of the EuroCarBody Award 2016

Trophy EuroCarBody
Car body Giulia

EuroCarBody Awards

The Awards are granted by Automotive Circle for the most convincing OEM car body developments that have been presented at a given EuroCarBody conference, in terms of both, product and process innovations.

The winners are determined in a competition of all car body presentations, based on the evaluation of five equal-weight technical criteria:

  1. Car body development and construction
  2. Material development and application
  3. Production efficiency
  4. Car-body-implied customer value
  5. Quality and completeness of the presentation

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Conference Language

The Insight @ Alfa Romeo will be held in English and Italian language (simultaneous translation will be provided).

About Insight Conferences

Insight Edition is a series of conferences which Automotive Circle regularly holds at leading international OEMs. The focus of this event serie is on current topics specific to the car body. It offers sophisticated presentations and discussions of leading car manufacturers and selected systems suppliers. Attendees gain valuable insights into the modern manufacturing processes in the automotive industry and an opportunity to participate in an exclusive tour of the host’s production facilities.

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Programme Coordination

Sabine Scharf

Sabine Scharf

Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-327


Conference Organisation

Sarah Ehrchen

Sarah Hausmann

Event Manager
Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-374


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