28-29 November 2017 Marysville/Columbus, Ohio, US

Insight @ Honda R&D Americas, Inc. 2017

Premium manufacturing characteristics vs. mass production: How to adjust the latest cutting-edge technology to a high-volume, multi-model line

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28-29 November 2017 Marysville/Columbus, Ohio, US

Car Body Engineering

Insight @ Honda R&D Americas, Inc. 2017

Premium manufacturing characteristics vs. mass production: How to adjust the latest cutting-edge technology to a high-volume, multi-model line

plus Guided Tour through the Honda Production Plant

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The all-new Acura NSX!

Honda presented a cutting‑edge structure with the all-new Acura NSX. Its multi-material space frame utilizes new materials and construction methods to achieve unprecedented dynamic rigidity, outstanding outward visibility, and world-class collision performance. Other advanced construction and manufacturing techniques employed in the NSX include the world’s first use of all-robotic MIG welding of the space frame for uniform and precise joining of its aluminum components, without the necessity for a post-process machining center

In contrast and in addition to Honda’s facilities for the new supercar, there is a high-volume production facility with a capacity of almost 440,000 vehicles per year. Honda created a flexible manufacturing system that enables the company to quickly and efficiently move production of products from one plant to another and to build multiple products on the same line. By staying flexible, Honda’s manufacturing plant can adjust to market demand while maximizing capacity, which helps to provide a stable production base in America.

So, how can Honda’s high-volume production benefit from the techniques of premium manufacturing approach?

"Maximizing multi-material benefits while minimizing impact to existing multi-model production characteristics” is the challenge.

Key questions of the conference:

  • Which techniques are available for enabling high-volume, flexible multi-material production?
  • How can OEM and suppliers bring a "Greenfield attitude” into existing production lines?
  • How can OEM and suppliers support the global manufacturing footprint, advancing existing technologies?
  • Which design methods will bring size, stiffness, mass, and costs to a good relationship within the high-volume production in the future?
  • What new production technologies make the multi-material body a success?
  • How does the cooperation between OEM and suppliers change when using the multi-material construction?
  • Which car body constructions will support the growing bandwidth of customer features and technologies?
  • Which most recent material developments and advanced production technologies can bring premium vehicle manufacturing forward?

Honda Program Committee

Matt Wolfe, Honda
Shawn Tarr, Honda
Matt Wolfe
Honda R&D Americas
Shawn Tarr
Honda R&D Americas

The conference is aimed at

Automotive engineers in development, pre-development, planning, design and production as well as materials suppliers and other interested parties.

About Insight Conferences

Insight Edition is a series of conferences which Automotive Circle regularly holds at leading international OEMs. The focus of this event serie is on current topics specific to the car body. It offers sophisticated presentations and discussions of leading car manufacturers and selected systems suppliers. Attendees gain valuable insights into the modern manufacturing processes in the automotive industry and an opportunity to participate in an exclusive tour of the host’s production facilities.

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Call for Papers!
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Andrea Huber

Andrea Huber

Automotive Circle
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Sarah Ehrchen

Sarah Hausmann

Event Manager
Automotive Circle
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