21-22 February 2018 Detroit, MI, US

Joining in Car Body Engineering 2018

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21-22 February 2018 Detroit, MI, US

The US Network for Automotive Engineers

Joining in Car Body Engineering 2018

The new US Network for Automotive Engineers

Finding and developing the "right" joining technologies is what the new US-based Automotive Circle conference Joining in Car Body Engineering is focusing on. It aims to bring about an intensive exchange of information and networking among expert automotive engineers from OEM as well as their suppliers, providing valuable contacts and ideas to develop modern car body joining solutions tailored to the American market requirements. The 2-day conference is organized by the Automotive Circle, the foremost communication network of automotive engineers and organizer of the EuroCarBody conference. The platform will focus on application-oriented technical progress concerning all relevant joining technologies for series car body production. A particular emphasis will be placed on opportunities to improve throughput and flexibility for vehicles produced for the American markets.

Main Topics

  • Reducing the number of different necessary joining technologies
  • Increasing the joining speed
  • Extending the range of applications for a given joining technology
  • Diminishing process energy consumption and footprint
  • Enabling mixed-material joining solutions for more efficient lightweight design concepts
  • Enhancing joint performance in terms of strength and durability
  • Improving related CAE processes, pertaining to both product and process development
  • Dimensional control in the body shop: efficient and full control of deviations; reliable simulation and prediction; robustness and process stability of technologies used

"How exciting that Joining in Car Body Engineering is coming to the US. This is one of the few events that focuses on car body joining. I have found the international events to be well-attended with superb presentations and I hope to gain the same insight from shows here in North America.”

Ana Wagner, Global Strategic Marketing Manager,
Dow Automotive Systems/The Dow Chemical Company

The conference is aimed at

  • automotive engineers at international OEM active in the NAFTA region, in pre-development, development and planning of body shop joining technologies
  • technical representatives of corresponding system suppliers and engineering service providers.

in cooperation with

Call for Papers!
Call for Papers

Program Coordination

Andrea Huber

Andrea Huber

Automotive Circle
T +49 151 40 260 773


Conference Organization

Sarah Ehrchen

Sarah Hausmann

Event Manager
Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-374


US calls

for US calls: (517) 580-5887

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