15-17 May 2018 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Materials in Car Body Engineering 2018

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15-17 May 2018 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Materials in Car Body Engineering 2018

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In all main car body material classes, from modern steels to aluminium and magnesium alloys to upcoming composite plastics and hybrid materials, intensive research aims to improve material properties and series processability, aiming at opening up new applications, new material combinations, new design possibilities, new future car body concepts, reducing costs - and further reverting the weight spiral, without compromising any other important car body properties.

The car body material concepts currently put forward still differ considerably for different vehicle segments and markets, but all segments jointly experience an increase in viable material options. Thus, in every new project, the famous right material in the right place needs to be searched anew.

To present and discuss the current and forseeable-future car body material options is the aim of the annual Automotive Circle conference "Materials in Car Body Engineering", again gathering its global network of automobile engineers in Bad Nauheim from 15 to 17 May 2018.

Three conference days will see two discrete, yet overlapping conference modules, addressing the state of industrialisation of composite and hybrid materials on the one hand, and car body lightweight design with innovative steel and light metal developments on the other. In the joint session of both modules on the second conference day, complete and current car body material concepts as well as innovative ideas for intensive material mix solutions will be at the focus of attention.

Module 1: Composite and hybrid materials

Module 2: Steel and light metals

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