21 March 2017 Bad Nauheim

Additive Manufacturing for Car Body Engineering

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21 March 2017 Bad Nauheim


Additive Manufacturing for Car Body Engineering

When conventional production technologies reach their limits, it is time for additive manufacturing to strike. Additive manufacturing promises faster product development and replacement, better parts properties and significant cost savings.

The huge potential of additive manufacturing processes can best be explored by structurally combining complex assemblies into a single component and integrating additional functions. This will ultimately save development time and cut assembly and production costs.

Key questions of the conference:

  • What is the role of additive manufacturing processes in car body engineering?
  • How great an opportunity is this for automotive production?
  • Which technologies are available for series production?
  • What do suppliers offer in the field of additive manufacturing?
  • What practical experience has already been gained by OEMs?
  • Which challenges need to be mastered by additive manufacturing processes if they are to make the leap into automotive series production?
  • Which strategy is being pursued by OEMs?
  • To what extent has additive manufacturing already been used in tooling, and how has it benefited the users?

Answers will be provided by major OEMs and suppliers who will debate additive manufacturing as a strategic topic with attendees. The one-day event will feature a number of technology lectures, followed by discussion forums.

The conference is aimed at:

Car body engineers, managers and employees of OEMs, suppliers and institutes working in the field of additive manufacturing processes.

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In cooperation with the LZN  
Claus Emmelmann, LZN
Prof. Dr. Claus Emmelmann, Head of institute
LZN Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH

The conference will take place on the day before the Strategies in Car Body Engineering conference (22-23 March 2017), which every year focuses on the major issues facing global car body development, planning and production.

Together, these two events will offer attendees a unique, comprehensive overview of the key issues in modern car body engineering. Additive manufacturing is clearly one of these topics.

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Programme Coordination

Andrea Huber

Andrea Huber

Automotive Circle
T +49 151 40 260 773


Conference Organisation

Sarah Ehrchen

Sarah Hausmann

Event Manager
Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-374


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