14-15 November 2012 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Doors and Closures in Car Body Engineering 2012

3rd International Benchmarking Conference with Innovation Award

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14-15 November 2012 Bad Nauheim, Germany

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Doors and Closures in Car Body Engineering 2012

3rd International Benchmarking Conference with Innovation Award

TuK Award

Doors and Closures Innovation Award 2012 für die Heckklappe des neuen Mercedes-Benz SL

Top spot in this year’s rankings, and thus the winning place in the "Doors and Closures Innovation Award 2012”, went to Daimler AG for its presentation on the tailgate of the new Mercedes-Benz SL. Jürgen Bösselmann and Marc Patzig impressed the audience with their presentation of the design, which employs a combination of fibre-reinforced SMC outer part and carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic interior parts.

Contributions to the Doors and Closures Innovation Award Competition:

  • Experiencing value – the new Audi A3 door
    Sascha Ebert, Otto Franzen, AUDI AG, DE
  • The door system of the new BMW 1 Series (3-door version)
    Bernhard Kandlbinder, Hans-Kurt Kloos, BMW Group, DE
  • Ford B-MAX – easy access door system with integrated B-Pillar
    Thomas Benderoth, Emmanuil Ignatiadis, Ford Werke GmbH, DE
  • Steel & aluminum hybrid door structure of the new ACURA RLX
    Takashi Ogawa, Kenichi Tanoguchi, Honda R&D Co, Ltd., JP
  • Lightweight closures on the new Range Rover
    Brian Lidgard, Jaguar Land Rover, GB
  • The next step in lightweight steel hood design: The example of the new Opel Astra GTC
    Anett Kilian, Manfred Saul, Adam Opel AG, DE

Further hardware presentations:

  • Aluminium intensive door -  physical validation of the 1piece inner concept
    Paul Jonason, Volvo Car Corporation, SE
  • Holistic optimisation of closure systems for side doors in regards of standardization und BIW integration
    Dr. Ulrich Nass, Brose Schließsysteme Gmbh & Co KG
  • Virtual development and experimental validation of a CFRP hood based on the Ford Focus
    Kristian Seidel, Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge IKA, DE
The conference addresses

… automotive engineers with responsibilities in the pre-development, development, planning and production of car body hang-on parts, from international OEM as well as their system suppliers and engineering service providers.

Parts with a character

Doors, hoods, tailgates and fenders account for a large part of the visual impression of any automobile, and for that reason already are largely responsible for a vehicles character and consequently highly important in car body development. The Automotive Circle International-conference on "Doors and Closures in Car Body Engineering" again addresses current engineering solutions and trends in car body hang-on part development and production:

  • Due to their high surface area, the use of lightweight materials in the outer skin as well as the inner structure of hang-on parts has a high impact on vehicle weight savings
  • In innovative car body structures, hang-on parts, especially doors, increasingly account for crash-relevant load paths
  • In an extremely confined space, a growing diversity of functions has to be smoothly integrated – from passive and active safety systems to infotainment elements
  • Hang-on parts are often built on separate production lines, which need to be optimally incorporated in the total vehicle production process
  • An increasing number of vehicle variants as well as globally harmonised production conditions must be managed – often both at the same time.

Doors and Closures in Car Body Engineering 2010

Video: Doors and Closures in Car Body Engineering

Doors and Closures Innovation Award 2012
Award neu

Daimler AG wins the Automotive Circle International prize for the most efficient and compelling automotive hang-on part in a production vehicle.


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