09.-10.09.2020 Marysville/Columbus, OH, USA

Insight @ Honda MAP 2020

Including Guided Tour through the Honda Paint Shop in Marysville!

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09.-10.09.2020 Marysville/Columbus, OH, USA

Car Body Painting

Insight @ Honda MAP 2020

Including Guided Tour through the Honda Paint Shop in Marysville!


Paint shops have to cover a wide range of requirements, including highest quality, maximum reliability, optimum cost-efficiency and long-term sustainability. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly important to being able to react most flexibly to market demands. This requires not only the ability to paint different car models on the same line, but also to integrate new coatings and colors into an existing process.

A plant which is perfectly equipped to meet these requirements is the Honda Marysville Auto Plant (MAP). Honda is producing the Acura TLX and ILX as well as the Honda CR-V model in one paint line, using multiple clear coat delivery systems. The engineers implemented environmental-friendly technologies like a dry booth system to avoid water and sludge waste. In addition, the OEM ensures highest quality with modern technologies such as automated paint defection and inspection system.

For the first time, an international OEM will open the doors in the US to give you the exclusive opportunity to discuss current projects and developments in car body painting. A special highlight of the conference is the Guided Tour through the Honda Paint Shop, which gives participants insights into the production and the opportunity to discuss with Honda experts and further OEM on site.


Be part of the event and present the audience with your latest results on the following topics:

Digitization in the paint shop

  • Simulation
  • Data management
  • Automated quality control


  • New technologies and results from field installations
  • Energy and resource efficient solutions to reduce CO2, water and waste

New materials

  • E-coat (e.g. low cure paint, UV stable E-Coat technology)
  • Adhesives, sealing, damping (e.g. Water tight body adhesive)
  • Luxury paint appearance, matte paint at High Volume

Improved processes

  • Flexible painting lines for High Volume
  • New technologies in the Pre-treatment, Paint and Sealing processes
  • Cost reduction strategies to improve efficiency

Impressions of the Car Body Painting Insight @ Audi 2019


US conference program 2020

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