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19.-20.02.2020 Detroit, MI, USA

Joining in Car Body Engineering 2020

The US Network for Automotive Engineers



2.00 PM          

4-hour technology briefing

(Please note that the technology briefing and the main conference are two independent events. Separate registration for both events is required)

7.00 PM  

Get-together and pre-registration at conference hotel

until 9.00 PM


7.30 AM                       

Registration at conference hotel

Coffee & breakfast snack

8.30 AM  

Welcome and conference introduction

Andrea Huber , Automotive Circle, DE

8.45 AM  

3-D Printing and Joining – A Game Changer for BIW through profitable hybrid Designs

Prof. Dr. Claus Emmelmann, Fraunhofer Research Institution for Additive Manufacturing Technologies IAPT, DE

9.15 AM  

LME Evaluation of 3rd Gen. Advanced High Strength Sheet Steels

Hassan Ghassemi-Armaki, ArcelorMittal Global R&D, US

9.45 AM  

Mixed Material Joining Fatigue and Corrosion evaluation

Bryan Macek FCA US LLC, US

10.15 AM  

The Right Assembly Technologies for Modern and Mixed Material Joining

Troy Waldherr, Tox Pressotechnik L.L.C., US 

10.45 AM  

Coffee & contacts

11.15 AM  

Joining Concept of the fully-electric Audi E-tron

Benjamin Hans, Audi AG, DE

11.45 PM  

Pierce and Clinch Solutions for Lightweighting

Craig Cowan, RB&W Manufacturing, US

12.15 PM  

Investigation of Joining Non Heat-Treated High Pressure Die

Casting (HPDC) Aluminum

Xuzhe Zhao, Tihomir Tesic, Böllhoff, Inc., US

12.45 PM  


1.45 PM   

Adhesives Gone Ballistic – Qualifying to MIL-STD-3059

Marvin Pollum, PPG Industries, US

2.15 PM  

Engineered Adhesive Solutions for Next Generation Structural Bonding

Syed Mahdi, Nick Kamar, Henkel Corporation, US

2.45 PM  

Adopting new joining processes into production systems

Kenny Martz, Comau LLC, US

3.15 PM  

Evaluating Mixed-Material Joining for Lightweighting of High Volume Vehicles

George Panourgias, LIFT Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow, US

4.00 PM  


look behind the scenes of LIFT.


During the guided tour through LIFT you will gain exclusive insights to current joining technologies and developemts including the following tour stations:

  • Flexible Joining System
  • Linear Friction Welding
  • Metamorphic Manufacturing
  • Learning Lab
6.00 PM  

Networking Night


7.15 AM                         

Coffee & breakfast snack

8.00 AM  

Numerical Study of Laser Lap Welding of Thin-Gage Zn-coated Steels

Joshua Solomon, General Motors LLC, US

8.30 AM  

How applying automation and active beam shaping shifts the limits of laser welding

Brian Smith, Precitec Inc., US

9.00 AM  

Innovative Solutions in Body Assembly for Electrified Vehicles

Mauritz Moeller, Trumpf Inc., US 

9.30 AM  

Aluminum Remote Laser Welding on Door and Battery Box Application  

WeiJie Zhang, Gestamp Autotech Engineering R&D USA Inc., US

10.00 AM  

Coffee & Contacts

10.30 AM  

Numerical Modeling of Friction Element Welding Process

Tim Abke, Honda R&D Americas, Inc. U.S.

11.00 AM  

Advances in Resistance Spot Welding to address challenges and reduce equipment diversity

Pierre Barthelemy, ARO Welding Technologies Inc., US

11.30 AM  

Dissimilar metal joining of aluminum alloys to coated ultrahigh strength steels using a resistance spot welding based process

Wei Zhang, The Ohio State University, US

12.00 PM  

Adaptive Spot Welding in Large Scale Operations - New Approaches using Industry 4.0 Technologies

Dr. Stefan M. Baginski, BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC, US

12.30 PM  


1.30 PM  

Intelligent tolerance compensation in automobile manufacturing

Philip Weinberger, Witte-Velbert GmbH & Co. KG, DE

2.00 PM  

Online depth Measurement and Seam Inspection by Optical Coherence Tomography

Richard Steinbrecht, Lessmueller Lasertechnik GmbH, DE

2.30 PM  

Car Body Joining Technologies in the new Ford Explorer

Amanda Freis, Juergen Hover, Ford Motor Company, US

3.00 PM  

Closing Remarks and End of Conference

Andrea Huber, Automotive Circle


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