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19.-20.02.2020 Detroit, MI, USA

Joining in Car Body Engineering 2020

The US Network for Automotive Engineers

Guided Tour @ LIFT


Look behind the scenes of the Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow Institute.


Gain exclusive insights into emerging joining technologies during the guided tour through LIFT, including the following facility tour stations:

  • Flexible Joining System
  • Linear Friction Welding
  • Metamorphic Manufacturing
  • Learning Lab

As a project based research and development institute, LIFT follows a member-driven roadmap and is led by industry need. Project teams work from concept through design, development and production, to reach lightweighting goals and close the gap between research breakthroughs and the ability to bring them to the market.


One of the highlights within the guided tour will be the first and only linear friction welder capable of full-sized part development in North America. It is fully operational and ready for project work: According to LIFT, the friction welder, built and installed by the global leaders in friction welding, Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (MTI), has the largest tooling capacity of any linear friction welder in the world.

Moreover, have a look behind the scenes of digital manufacturing: First there was subtractive manufacturing, then there was additive, now there is metamorphic – or agile – manufacturing. Imagine if a machine can act like a blacksmith does, squeezing and bending metal into shape, and doing this at temperatures and with deformation that actually improve the materials properties. LIFT refers to this as metamorphic manufacturing and believes it will take its place alongside existing digital manufacturing: additive and subtractive manufacturing.  


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