17-18 September 2019 Poznan, Poland

Insight @ Volkswagen Września 2019

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17-18 September 2019 Poznan, Poland

Car Body Engineering

Insight @ Volkswagen Września 2019

INCLUSIVE Guided Tour through the body shop in Września

Enabling multi-variant production with the latest joining technologies and a high degree of automation

In car body engineering, flexibility is of increasing importance. To remain competitive, car manufacturers must flexibly respond to market requirements. In consequence, OEM must integrate new and future car body variants into the production line - if necessary, with additional processes such as the integration of the battery box.

To manage this increasing production complexity at a technically high level, the latest technologies, a high degree of automation as well as specific digitisation and modern measurement technologies are required.

With its state-of-the-art production in Września, Volkswagen has created its "role model for European transporter construction" and shows how a variety of variants can be realised with innovative production technologies and a high degree of automation. In the body shop, which opened at the end of 2016, the new Crafter is produced in 69 variants with a completely new platform, 30 side panel types, 180 floor types, 476 robots of the latest generation and state-of-the-art joining technologies.

The conference Insight @ Volkswagen Września offers you the exclusive opportunity to discuss multi-variant production, efficient joining technologies and new concepts with experts from Volkswagen and other OEM. A special highlight of the conference is the guided tour, which gives participants insights into the production of the new Crafter.

Call for Speakers

Discuss with the experts on site and present your current development results on the following topics:

  • Mulit-variant production and production complexity
  • Efficient joining technologies
  • Car body concepts for e-mobility
  • Digital factory, digitisation

Deadline for paper submissions: 10 May 2019

Interested speakers are kindly requested to submit a concise, engineering-oriented abstract of their suggested contribution via our online form.

The conference is aimed at

Automotive engineers in development, pre-development, planning, design and production as well as materials suppliers and other interested parties.

About Insight Conferences

Insight Edition is a series of conferences which Automotive Circle regularly holds at leading international OEMs. The focus of this event serie is on current topics specific to the car body. It offers sophisticated presentations and discussions of leading car manufacturers and selected systems suppliers. Attendees gain valuable insights into the modern manufacturing processes in the automotive industry and an opportunity to participate in an exclusive tour of the host’s production facilities.

Impressions of the previous Insight @ Audi 2018

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Programme Coordination

Sabine Scharf

Sabine Scharf

Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-327


Conference Organisation

Jannike von Kampen

Junior Event Manager
Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-384


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