26-27 June 2014 Berlin, Germany

Strategies in Car Body Painting 2014

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26-27 June 2014 Berlin, Germany

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Strategies in Car Body Painting 2014


Sustainable production, cost-efficiency and quality working in harmony

Investments and the introduction of new technologies in car body painting require decision-makers in the automotive industry to have an extensive knowledge of current trends and strategies. Plus, they need to observe international environmental regulations and commit to energy-saving concepts and reducing the carbon footprint.

Against this background, the 2014 "Strategies in Car Body Painting” conference, to be held in Berlin, will gather together representatives from the world‘s leading OEM network. Under the motto "Sustainable production, cost-efficiency and quality in harmony,” international experts will debate current progress, discuss challenges ahead in the field of automotive surface treatment and reveal their concepts for sustainable paint shops. Such real exchanges on genuine technological innovations will serve the advancement of the global network (Europe, Asia, NAFTA).

Five reasons to take part:

  • Benefit from experience gained in current projects
  • Gain important insights into future plant planning
  • Learn about strategies employed by makers of process materials and equipment
  • Have a chance to discuss upcoming challenges with international OEMs for automotive surface treatment
  • Help to lay down the basis for a radical design of effective paint shops

Networking Night

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On the evening of the first conference day, the Automotive Circle International invites all delegates to a summerly BBQ, including live broadcast of the World Championship.

Meet and network with your business partners, clients and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

The conference is aimed at   

  • Paint shop managers/planners responsible for the further development and introduction of new strategies, concepts, structures, processes and systems
  • Paint-shop managers, divisional managers, departmental managers and strategic managers of automobile manufacturers
  • Suppliers (Tier 1/Tier 2) in the automotive industry
  • Service providers such as coating manufacturers, raw material suppliers, application and equipment suppliers and consultants
  • Authorities and institutions

About the conference

The worldwide leading and international OEM network is focused on global discussions of innovative solutions for car body paintings. Conference delegates will discuss the effects of new structures, with focus on OEM strategies required for deriving new processes, systems engineering and materials.

Car body painting – the parameters


Conference Organisation

Sarah Ehrchen

Sarah Hausmann

Senior Event Manager
Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-374


Conference Chair

Andrea Huber

Andrea Huber

Automotive Circle
T +49 151 40 260 773


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