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05-06 May 2020 Detroit, MI, USA

Car Body Xperience 2020

Uncertainty is not for cowards. And there is a lot that is uncertain in the automotive industry today. Individual mobility will always be essential, but who is going to provide it, and how, seems up for discussion these days. Electrification, connectivity, autonomous drive and shared mobility are some of the possible solutions that are being developed to meet the technological, social and environmental challenges of our time. But which technological innovations will ultimately support these changes, and in which markets? And how are the new technologies best implemented? What impact do they have on the car body? How can car body engineering provide the best solution for the challenges ahead?

With this conference, we are going to address the latest developments in car body engineering and manufacturing, and we kindly invite you to contribute to the discussion by presenting your latest innovations in the following fields:

  • vehicle architecture concepts
  • modularity
  • lightweight design
  • aerodynamics
  • systems engineering
  • the next generation of optimized material mix
  • global production strategies
  • optimized and new production processes and technologies
  • fit and finish tolerancing
  • smart factory solutions for the body shop
  • predictive maintenance
  • etc.

Each year, part of the conference is going to be dedicated to a focus topic. This time, we are including a focus session on the topic of

Electrification and EV battery integration

  • platform concepts for ICE, PHEV, BEV
  • integrating a growing variety of ICE, PHEV, BEV etc. models into the production system
  • battery integration into the car body structure
  • battery cases
  • thermal management solutions
  • battery module assembly
  • etc.

Uncertainty is not for cowards. But if it is met with an open mind, a strategic attitude, the necessary knowledge and within the right network, there’s no reason why it can’t be turned into a great opportunity.

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