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17-18 November 2020 Bad Nauheim/Germany

Doors & Closures in Car Body Engineering 2020

11th International Benchmarking Conference

The customer´s "first contact" to his vehicle is usually made via the doors. His senses are attacked by a plethora of sensory inputs. In only a few seconds time these emotions decide if the customer feels a connection to the car or not. The customer usually doesn’t think about the performance demands that have to be fulfilled at the same time.

Automotive engineers from all over the world are thus keeping the design concept in mind, but they are also eager to construct the doors and closures as lightweight and cost-efficient as possible, while being able to outfit these hang-on parts with safety features and numerous of the newest technical devices.

The annual international Automotive Circle conference Doors and Closures in Car Body Engineering therefore deals with the current and future challenges of lightweight design, integration of new functionalities, efficient as well as flexible and cost-effective manufacturing processes, crash safety, modern design and high component quality.

You have the chance to present your innovations, results and concepts concerning the following topics around doors and closures to an interested audience consisting of many OEM and OES representatives.

This year‘s main topics:

  • Usage of material mixes in the development of hang-on parts
  • Wind noise solutions and sound dampening
  • Visions and concepts of future doors and closures
  • Usage of AI during development and production
  • Pedestrian protection concepts
  • Digitilization of outside rear view mirrors

The conference addresses:

Automotive engineers with responsibilities in the pre-development, development, planning and production of vehicle doors and closures at international OEM, as well as all interested experts representing relevant system suppliers or engineering service providers.