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22-23 September 2020 Brussels/Belgium

Assembly Engineering

Insight @ Audi 2020

incl. guided tour of the Audi e-tron final assembly!

CO2-neutral series production of electric vehicles and batteries

In cooperation with Audi, the Automotive Circle is organizing an Insight assembly conference at the Brussels site in Belgium from September 22 - 23, 2020. For the production of the e-tron, the first fully electric Audi, the assembly line at the Brussels plant was completely rebuilt in a record time of only one and a half years with A1 production running and a separate production facility for batteries was built. The result: Audi is now the only manufacturer to produce electric vehicles and batteries at the same plant.

Special attention was also paid to the issue of sustainability. Audi Brussels not only produces zero-emission vehicles, but also manufactures them in a certified CO2-neutral mass production facility by using renewable energies and other environmental projects.

As part of the upcoming Insight conference, we will address the special features of modern electric vehicle assembly:

  • What challenges are presented in the production of electric vehicles and batteries, and what solutions and technologies are best suited to master them?
  • What requirements result from work on high-voltage systems, also with regard to the topics "safety" and "employee protection"? 
  • What do current strategies look like to achieve sustainable assembly?
  • Which systems and solutions are available for energy saving, which recycling potentials can be used to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve environmentally friendly and sustainable production?

Be an active part of our top-class assembly network and take part in the discussion of these questions with a presentation.

We look forward to your technically sound report and an intensive exchange of information with you!