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22-23 September 2020 Stuttgart, Germany

Car Body Painting

Insight @ Porsche 2020

Including Guided Tour through the Porsche Paint Shop!

"Zero Impact Factory" for electric vehicle - Environmentally neutral Porsche paint shop in Zuffenhausen

In the newly built factory for the all-electric Porsche Taycan, the first vehicles have recently rolled off the assembly line. It was the largest construction project at the headquarters in Zuffenhausen. In two-shift operation, 40,000 units can be produced per year. The new Taycan factory with body shop, paint shop and assembly was built for around 700 million Euros while the other series were still in production.

The focus of the "Car Body Painting Insight @ Porsche" is, of course, the paint shop, which conference participants can examine in detail on an exclusive guided tour. At various stations, experts will provide information on how, for example, the latest technologies from Industry 4.0 have been implemented in production. The production concept is highly flexible and designed with the goal of CO2 neutrality in mind. In addition to the use of electricity from renewable sources and biogas for heat generation, the new production buildings are also energy-efficient. In view of the limited space available and the extremely short construction period, a "factory within a factory" was built without disrupting the existing sports car production, which is running at full capacity.

Details on these topics will be explained during the Automotive Circle conference "Car Body Painting Insight @ Porsche". Discussions on sustainability and environmental protection, digitalisation and the integration of an electric sports car into an existing production facility and the associated effects on the paint shop provide valuable impulses.


E-mobility and autonomous driving

  • What are the future framework conditions in society and politics that will determine the trend towards electromobility?
  • Will the changed framework conditions have any consequences for the design of vehicles?
  • What are the production concepts in vehicle manufacturing for electric vehicles and what does this mean for the paint shop?
  • Which coating concepts are required?

Digitalisation in painting technology

  • Digitalisation solutions
  • Machine Learning and Neural Networks
  • How does value creation develop?

New materials and material manufacturing concepts

  • Paint technologies for new vehicle concepts
  • Modern manufacturing processes to ensure quality consistency
  • In-line quality assurance in paint and coating production
  • How can economic efficiency and process transparency be combined?
  • Which research projects lead to solutions for the coating of new vehicle concepts?

New process and plant technology

  • How does the trend towards personalization and individualization influence the painting process?
  • How can processes be simplified?
  • Process reliability and monitoring with the goal of quantity ONE
  • How does the desire for flexibility influence the various process levels, including paint systems?
  • What concepts do plant engineers pursue for the international locations of OEMs?

Quality concepts and methods

  • Data acquisition and evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Simulation

Impressions of the last conference

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