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14-15 May 2019 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Materials in Car Body Engineering 2019


Efficient lightweight design is one of the most important topics in the field of car body engineering. Discussions are ongoing on how lightweight design could change in terms of electromobility. One thing is certain: with increasing functionality and the integration of powerful batteries, the weight of the car body will increase. At the same time, new functions and sensors also mean higher costs. Cost efficiency is becoming more important.

The efficient lightweight design, "the right material in the right place, in the right quantity" not only requires further optimisation of the developments and achievements of lightweight design so far, but also further development of materials, improving their properties and using new materials. Furthermore, it is necessary to combine these in a sophisticated way, as well as developing concepts and ways of material circulation to advance targeted recycling to produce not only cost but also resource-efficiently.

To present and discuss these as well as further topics, the global network of automotive engineers will gather with wellfounded information and a high level of technical exchange at the annual Automotive Circle conference "Materials in Car Body Engineering" in Bad Nauheim from May 14-15, 2019.