CARBODYDATA – Your virtual add-on to all Automotive Circle events

CARBODYDATA is our web-based service to extend your conference experience that comprises two modules:

1. Images and data: Based on the leading global benchmarking conference for car body engineers "EuroCarBody“ the module "Images and data“ offers essential product and production data as well as high-resolution 360° images of the presented car bodies.

2. Papers & Reports: Based on all Automotive Circle conferences this online media library contains the conference proceedings in the fields of car body engineering, car body painting, final assembly and alternative drive technology / battery systems.



  • high resolution 360° images of more than > 60 car bodies (exterior and interior views, some incl. underbodies, hang-on parts, battery cases)
  • essential product and production data of all models (ECB benchmarking data)
  • standardized data and images that can be directly compared with one another
  • images and data that are available online shortly after SOP
  • a user friendly interface
  • a concise and valuable summary of the latest developments in car body construction


  • more than 650 downloadable pdfs and video recordings of selected supplier presentations
  • proceedings from all Automotive Circle events in the fields of car body engineering, car body painting, final assembly and alternative drive types / battery systems since September 2017


All data and images are provided in a standardized and high-quality level, delivered in a comparable form offering the following benefits:

  • panoramic images give a perfect overview of the car bodies as a whole and enable easy visual navigation through the car bodies from the inside and the outside
  • zooming function allows detailed inspection of the most interesting spots
  • high-resolution images show construction details (weld spots etc.) of original BiWs directly taken from the production line (not after tear-down)
  • data per model includes standardized 360° pictures of the exterior, interior and underbody (since 2018) as well as selected hang-on parts
  • data per model includes compilation of standardized high-resolution detail images for specific areas (B-pillar etc.) 
  • pictures of different models can be viewed and directly compared side by side


  • Comprehensive data base covering all Automotive Circle conferences gives interdisciplinary overview of relevant engineering topics
  • PDFs can be downloaded and shared in our client’s organization (legal authorization of each speaker available)
  • powerful search and filter functions to find the right presentations
  • easy to use website that runs in all standard web browsers
  • available anytime from anywhere with an internet connection
  • central hosting by Automotive Circle, no installation required, no IT project, no maintenance by customer necessary 
  • regular updates are immediately available to all users


Dr. Sibylle Freitag

Phone: +49 511 9910- 316

Italian Trulli



Andrea Huber

Phone: +49 151 40 260 773

Italian Trulli

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