What is Automotive Circle Car Body Data?

Automotive Circle Car Body Data is a benchmarking database.

It comprises essential product and production data as well as high-resolution, 360° images of car bodies.

Its core features are

  • high resolution 360° images of original car bodies (exterior and interior views, some incl. underbodies, hang-on parts, battery cases)
  • essential product and production data of all models
  • standardized data and images that can be directly compared with one another
  • images and data that are available online shortly after SOP
  • a user friendly interface
  • a concise and valuable summary of the latest developments in car body construction

With Automotive Circle Car Body Data, you can

  • individually navigate through the panoramic interior or exterior views of the car bodies
  • zoom into the panoramic views to take a closer look at any given detail, from any given angle
  • set filters to select the specific data you are interested in
  • select and compare the images and data of any of the models in the database

All models in the database were presented at the EuroCarBody or another Automotive Circle conference.

Contact us if you would like to learn more!

Dr. Sibylle Freitag


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