AUTOMOTIVE CIRCLE - connecting outstanding engineering experts 

Since 1983, AUTOMOTIVE CIRLCE, in  consultation with key OEM engineers, has organised practical events for the automotive industry, offering the opportunity to benchmark and gain technical expertise.


The topics covered are body-in-white, exterior, final assembly, surface and alternative drive technology.


„We support engineers in the automotive industry in making best possible technology decisions. With the latest technical expertise and opportunities for professional networking, we offer impulses for sustainably mastering technical challenges. In this way, we combine technological and economic potential within the automotive industry.

We link up technological and economical potentials within the automotive industry. As the industry’s foremost provider of information and expertise, we operate the leading network on the topics of body-in-white, exterior, surface, final assembly and the integration of alternative drive technology. This helps engineers of the industry to implement new technologies, to act more sustainable and make better cars.“


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