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14. Sep 2021 | 3 PM CEST (UTC +2) | 9 AM EST (UTC -4)

Webinar presented by Sumitomo Heavy Industry

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Innovative hot air forming process: STAF - Steel Tube Air Forming

Maximizing Lightweighting in Steel Automotive Bodies and Frames

We developed a new press forming technology (STAF Steel Tube Air Forming process) for automotive bodies and frames. STAF, which stands for Steel Tube Air Forming, is performed whereby a steel tube that is set in the mold of a press machine goes through the one-pack process of “ direct current heating (high speed) → high pressure air injection → forming → hardening”.

With this process, we can get TS 1500MPa grade component with continuous closed cross-section and simultaneously folded flanges which is essential for assembly. This our patented process is the world's first technology. Unlike the traditional method of welding two-sheet metal, the STAF system improves rigidity and simplifies the overall production process. Moreover, by increasing the rigidity of the frame, it makes it possible to use thinner materials, thus achieving an approximately 30% reduction in the weight as compared to traditional manufacturing methods. STAF production system eliminates the need for blanking and trimming, which are required for press forming with sheet metal.

In addition, only end cutting is required after formed, which means that the yield portion will be decreased to around 90%. At the same time, given that the flanges are already formed along with the tube, the number of required components can be reduced, thereby achieving a significant reduction in overall production costs. Additionally hot stamping uses four processes to form, but STAF process reduces the number of processes four to two by eliminating furnace heating and welding process outside the press. Through the significant reduction in the number of process, the productivity can be also improved. The developed STAF prototype machine
is now capable of forming automobile parts of practical size.

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September 14, 2021

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Maximizing Lightweighting in Steel Automotive Bodies and Frames

Ryuichi Funada
Sumitomo Heavy Industries (USA), Inc.

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Ryuichi Funada
Sumitomo Heavy Industries (USA), Inc.




Ryuichi Funada

Sumitomo Heavy Industries (USA), Inc.

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STAF Project
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