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13. - 14. Apr 2021 | Virtual Deep Dive

Artificial Intelligence

Automotive Circle Deep Dive Series: Topics in Smart Production

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is currently permeating all technical areas and is part of our social life - whether we notice it or not. Yet the technical advancement through AI is not really visible and mostly a black box. This gives room for the wildest speculations, up to scenarios that machines will take over the supremacy over humans in the near future.

Industrial production technology is also being increasingly penetrated by AI algorithms with the aim of producing faster, more cost-effective and defect-free products.

It is therefore essential for engineers and decision-makers in the automotive industry to get to grips with AI. Engineers need a basic understanding of AI to be able to assess the technology, without being or becoming an AI expert. The goal must be to understand the many terms and concepts used in connection with AI, and to be able to evaluate the advantages of AI, but also to assess its limitations and dangers. Furthermore, with AI applications on the rise, engineer’s job descriptions will change permanently. Just as simulation is indispensable in production planning today and is used as a standard tool, AI will also become a technology that will gradually permeate everyday working lives.

The aim of our Deep Dive on Articial Intelligence is therefore:

The contents of the four-part webinar are as follows:

Tuesday,  13 April, 2021: 11.00h – 12.00h and 13.00h - 14.00h CEST (UTC+2)
Wednesday, 14 April 2021: 11.00h – 12.00h and 13.00h - 14.00h CEST (UTC+2)

Prof. Dr. Michael Rupp, Segula Group/University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen


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Virtual Deep Dive "Artificial Intelligence"

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Hanover, February 2021

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Virtual Deep Dive "Artificial Intelligence"

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About Automotive Circle Deep dive series

The automotive industry is experiencing great changes on many levels – and one of the most significant certainly is the advent and rising implementation of smart technologies in automobile production, across all subsections, from the press plant to final assembly. IoT, AI, Industry 4.0, Big Data are the relevant buzzwords – but the greatest challenge automotive OEM are facing in this context may be the meaningful integration of Smart Production tools and approaches into a consistent and efficient global information management system:
  • What data standards, data structures and data system architectures should or need to be implemented?
  • How can a smooth and efficient data transfer and data access be effected across subsections, across companies, across locations all over the globe?
  • How do Smart Production implementations affect automotive production concepts, what are their overall benefits and what are their limitations or drawbacks?

In 2021, the Automotive Circle is focusing on these questions with a new range of events, starting with a series of focused Webinars in spring 2021, each looking into important Smart Production aspects.

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Mareike Baeumlein

Senior Event Manager

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