Joining in Car Body Engineering 2021: Detroit meets Bad Nauheim


19. - 22. APR 2021 // VIRTUAL

This year, the two conferences Joining in Car Body Engineering, “Bad Nauheim” and Joining in Car Body Engineering “North America”, will take place during the same week.

Due to the pandemic, both conferences are going to take place virtually, which is why we have seized the opportunity to create a global, all-virtual Automotive Circle Joining in Car Body Engineering week, 2021. With that, we look forward to offering participants of either conference an even more valuable conference experience:



In the current transformation of the automotive industry, joining technology is once again at the center of technical discussions in car body construction. It enables the growing number of advanced mixed material concepts, lightweight design concepts, and the integration of new materials, but also the integration of battery systems, fuel cells or hybrid propulsion systems into the car body, which bring with it considerable new challenges for joining technology. At the same time, car body development is under considerable cost pressure these days, which primarily entails demands for efficiency improvements, lean development processes as well as less complexity and greater flexibility in production. Meanwhile, the question of comprehensive sustainability and climate neutrality in automotive production is also becoming increasingly important.

At both conferences, you will hear progress reports from international OEM as well as major system suppliers and renowned research institutions. Hear about latest possibilities directly from the developers, and become part of these high-level exchanges of information in the globally leading networks of experts on joining technology in automotive production worldwide.

Joining in Car Body Engineering, "North America": This conference looks at the latest innovations in Car Body Joining Technology that are of particular interest to the North American market. Learn more about the conference here.

Joining in Car Body Engineering, “Bad Nauheim”: This conference looks at the latest innovations in Car Body Joining Technology that are of interest to all markets worldwide. Learn more about the conference here.




Discover future-oriented solutions from managers and specialist engineers from leading automotive manufacturers.


Meet the speakers, your colleagues and experts in virtual chat rooms and ask your individual questions and share your experiences.


Watch the whole presentations on your own time.


The agenda will be released soon!


Depending on your main focus of interest, you can book one of the following options:

695,00 EUR
 OPTION B JOINING "Bad Nauheim" 895,00 EUR
 OPTION C JOINING "Full conference" 995,00 EUR

Register now here and profit from this unique oppotunity to learn from joining experts all over the world!

Video on demand

No matter where in the world you are watching, all presentations will be also available on demand.


Availability of on demand content: From the end of conference until April 6th , 2021 (2 weeks)

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Hanover, February 2021

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