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Webinar presented by Tucker

NoHole Fastening: Basics, advantages, and application examples for innovative customer solutions

Modern vehicle construction would be inconceivable without the NoHole fastening technology based on the weld stud. With up to 500 weld studs per vehicle, this assembly technology has established itself in almost all vehicles in the world.

Tucker GmbH has established itself on the market as the only fully comprehensive supplier for the system of no hole fastening. This includes the development and series production of the weld studs, the stud welding equipment required for this and the plastic fastening elements. These fastening elements are usually developed according to customer-specific requirements and thus enable efficient and ergonomic assembly.

The focus of this webinar is on the plastic component.

This webinar is of interest to anyone who:

  • wants to understand the basics of no hole fastening.
  • wants to know why this inconspicuous plastic component is an important part of your assembly and process chain.
  • wants to know what advantages this system offers you, what typical areas of use there are on the vehicle and what to look out for in the applications.


Register now free of charge and ask your personal questions:

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Register now free of charge and ask your personal questions:

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Thursday, February 2, 2023

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