How to write a good abstract for Automotive Circle conferences

When submitting a suggestion for a presentation at our conferences, your abstract, describing your suggestion, is very important, as it often is the only source of information for us in the decision whether to accept your proposal for the conference program or not.

So, what is a good abstract?
Writing your text, please have in mind that you are not writing for the general public or for the conference audience, but for the conference’s Program Committee, consisting of Automotive Circle’s coordinators and the members of the OEM Advisory Board of the conference in question. These are experienced engineers with expert knowledge on the conference topic. Your abstract will be forwarded to this group only, it will not be published elsewhere.

Therefore, your abstract has only one purpose – to convince this group of OEM experts, that your presentation will be of great interest for the industry and that it should therefore be accepted.
You will be most successful in that, if your abstract observes the following points:

  • Omit any general introduction to the topic.
    You can safely assume that the Program Committee knows this background very well, and that, sorry, you are wasting their time with a lengthy introduction. Instead, please go straight to the point.
  • Avoid any marketing-style praise of your company or your products.
    In a presentation, our conference audience would not appreciate that, and proposals giving rise to the suspicion that the presentation will be very commercial in style might be rejected.
  • In your abstract, please clearly answer these questions:
    • What exactly did you develop/study, what is your innovation?
    • What benefits may your development/your study results bring to the industry?
  • If you have presented a similar topic at the conference before, please explain what new results you would like to show, compared to your or your company’s last presentation.
  • Overall, please be as concise as you can.
  • Your abstract will have to be in English, because our Program Committee is international. Please make sure that, language-wise, the quality of your English text is sufficient to be easily understandable.

Thank you very much for complying to these recommendations in your submission! We very much appreciate your interest in our conference and are looking forward to your input!