Antitrust Laws in Automotive Industries: Guidance priciples

AUTOMOTIVE CIRCLE’s purpose is to connect outstanding engineering experts. It is conducted as a neutral platform, by a neutral organizer, bringing together OEM, suppliers and application-orientedacademia to link up their potentials for the mutual benefit of all parties engaged. AUTOMOTIVE CIRCLE is an open forum.

Attendees of AUTOMOTIVE CIRCLE events and meetings include Board members and representatives from many different countries who may be subject to a variety of antitrust or anticompetitive legal requirements established by individual countries or regional authorities, e.g., the European Union.

While the details of these regulations and the emphasis with which they are enforced may differ from region to region, all individual requirements are broadly similar in their objectives and recognition of allowed and disallowed activities.

The following Anticompetitive/Antitrust Guidance Principles, developed by the AUTOMOTIVE CIRCLE, are based on these broad consistencies.

Because of the potential variation in the details of individual country laws, interpretations, and enforcement emphasis, as well as individual company and national trade association policies, these Guidance Principles cannot serve as the exclusive reference for individual members.

AUTOMOTIVE CIRCLE asks its participants not to discuss or exchange the following information during conferences or in meetings:

  • Individual company prices, discounts, margins, credit terms, warranties or terms and conditions
  • Individual company data regarding costs, production numbers, investments, inventories, sales, orders or profits
  • Individual company data regarding capacities or quotas
  • Individual company plans regarding the distribution or marketing of particular products
  • Individual company bids on contracts for particular products or procedures for responding to bid invitations
  • Matters relating to actual or potential competitors, suppliers, distributors or customers that might have the effect of excluding them from any market
  • Any other information that any member company/OEM considers sensitive even if it does not fit into any of the categories above

During Q&A/ discussions held at its events, AUTOMOTIVE CIRCLE staff pays attention and supports its delegates in applying these rules and in not exchanging critical information.